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Lumos Founders Role Playing
The lighter side of Harry Potter
21st-Nov-2008 01:59 pm - Rosalind Bungs {12}
Year: 1971
Who: Rosalind Bungs, Rabastan Lestrange
What: Meeting
Where: Diagon Alley
When: Afternoon, July 21st
Why: Because it will be epic
Status: In Progress

Rosalind tried to balance her purchases on one arm while trying to eat her ice cream cone and making sure she didn't bump into anyone along the way. It was a little difficult, but she had managed to avoid all accidents so far.

She was trying to make her way to the Quidditch store as Alphonse had told her he would wait for her in there. Her mother was in Madame Malkin's with Seve and Nasi, but she wanted Alphonse to help her carry her things. She turned to enter the shop and collided with someone. Her precariously perched ice cream fell onto the boy's neat robes with a rather melodious plop.

Rosalind gasped. "I'm sorry!" she declared and looked up to see angry grey eyes staring down at her.
11th-Nov-2008 08:42 pm - 2019 - Scorpius Malfoy ~ 13
{ASW} - this might be dangerous :D
Year: 2019
Who: Scorpius Malfoy, Albus Severus Potter... maybe appearances by Astoria Greengrass-Malfoy and Draco Malfoy.
What: Sleep over!
Where: Malfoy manor ;P
When: July 20th, afternoon/evening
Status: In Progress.

Scorpius had made all the arrangements - and they had taken much longer than he had thought they would. First he had needed to convince his parents that it was indeed a good idea for him to have a friend over. And not just any friend, oh no, but a Potter. He had not known that his father's face could turn that particular shade of red, nor that his mother could tap her nails quite so hard. It had taken over a month, but he had finally convinced them and now all he had to do was wait for Albus to arrive.

It had to be him who greeted his fellow Ravenclaw... otherwise his parents might find him first. And that was just a Bad Idea, letters capitalized for reinforcement. He was still surprised that Albus had agreed to come, or that his parents had allowed him to. Their fathers were notoriously bad at getting along, and Weasleys had never gotten along with Malfoys.
19th-Sep-2008 05:50 pm - Ravenclaw - Rosalind Bungs
Who: Frank Longbottom & Rosalind Bungs
What: Talking and stuff
Where: Outside
When: September 11, Lunch
Why: Coz Rosalind has realized she likes boys
Status: Ongoing

Rosalind kicked her shoes off and pulled her socks down. She laughed as the grass tickled her feet. She was a naturally cheerful person and she hadn't had as many cares or problems as some of the people she knew. She was lucky enough to have been born to good parents and in a time of peace, so she had lived a sheltered life with no worries.

She spotted a familiar set of robes and quickly approached him. She grinned as she realized who it was. "Frank!" she called out.
19th-Sep-2008 01:14 pm - Ravenclaw - Nymphadora Tonks
Who: Nymphadora Tonks & Andromeda Black
What: Speaking
Where: Hufflepuff Common Room
When: Before dinner, September 11th
Why: They're mother and daughter
Status: Ongoing

Tonks threw her bookbag on the bed and headed downstairs quickly. She wanted to see Jasper before dinner time and they had to be escorted back to the Common Rooms. Everyone told her it was stupid because he was Petrified and wouldn't even know she had been there, but she was concerned about her friend.

She took the steps two at a time, changing her hair into a vibrant, neon yellow that was sure to perk Jasper up. Even if he was...petrified. She didn't have time to do anything else interesting with it, so she kept it short and cropped. In her hurry, she didn't notice a couch that sort of got in the way. She performed a rather excellent somersault.
14th-Apr-2008 08:35 pm - Gryffindor;; John Dawlish
Who: Alastor Moody + Ravenclaws + Anyone nearby.
What: Eating breakfast, 'cause he's hungry, Duh.
Where: Ravenclaw table
When: Breakfast, September 4th
Status: Open :]

Alastor gulped hard, his eyes watering due to the sheer mass of food he was trying to swallow. He was only a little guy, but he liked to eat big. Sniffing hard, he grabbed another handful of food from a bowl just in front of him and slopped it on his plate, grabbing his fork and shovelling it in his mouth. He was never a polite eater, never. Even hen his mother shouted at him for eating soup with his hands, he used to hide in the garden and stand on his head, pouring it into his mouth. Just to prove a point, really, but also because he wanted to know what it was like for a bat to eat his dinner. One would suppose it never crossed his mind that bats don't eat soup, but he was only four, so you can't blame him really. Alastor was surrounded by a throng of Ravenclaw students, and students of various other houses, grabbing food or trying to find their way to their tables, or to see friends, but Alastor, he was happy the way he was. Eating.
31st-Aug-2007 12:40 pm - Curtains up for Evan Rosier!
[stock] autumn; read book

ID concept by blueirish; proper banner later on when I'm not on the brink of falling asleep

He's pretty much unknown so I had taken liberties. XD

Name: Evan(der Tryphon) Rosier
Year/House: 7th/Slytherin (although currently inquiring about year status)
Family: FATHER - Ivan Rosier; MOTHER - Isabella Dautry-Rosier; SIBLINGS - an NPC sister, four years younger
To note: His aunt, Druella Rosier, married a Black (a great grand-son of Phineas Nigellus Black, Cygnus Black). The Black sisters (Bellatrix, Andromeda and Narcissa) and Sirius and Regulus Black could be his cousins, so if the muns of these characters want to weave that in, tell me? :)

Evan is: a pureblood, extremely beautiful, extremely vain, dislikes ugly and dirty things, charming, selectively loyal, excessive in just about everything. Think Sebastian Valmont from Cruel Intentions, minus the sleeping around with anybody because he is "absolutely not fornicating with those undesirables" (aka the mudbloods).

And if you prefer to read the longer, albeit more detailed profile.Collapse )

And for some bit of fun -- what would your character think of Evan? If you reply, I'll be replying back with what he thinks about yours. :P

EG. Lucius Malfoy - A proper pureblood, I daresay! Commands the respect he rightfully deserves. Quite a good mane too, I wonder what concoction he uses for it...a personalized formula made especially for him, mayhaps?
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